Part II. Experiment



I further explored the material qualities of cork using hand tools, machines, and the combination with other materials.
I made a series of models with both composite cork and insulation cork to test the material’s potential.
Insulation cork is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing; however, the most prevalent use of this material
is thermal insulation, which hides the texture and the tactile quality behind its function. I explored the potentials of this
material by making models. This process led me to build a room divider prototype that utilizes the thermal and sound
insulation quality of cork.

Qianyi Zhang_exploration_edited.jpg

models with composite (yellow) and insulation(black) cork. Composite cork is very flexible but heavy.Insulation cork is brittle but light.

Qianyi Zhang_final _4.jpg
Qianyi Zhang_process3.jpg